Riding Trip to Vika Mountain Pasture

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You are welcome to take part in a riding trip from Åkra village in the Kvinnherad district, up to Vika mountain pasture! As soon as we have arrived there, we will unsaddle the horses and take them to their enclosure. We will then eat something and drink coffee – and maybe take a bath in the mountain pasture lake and just enjoy life...

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We start our trip on approximately 3.5 km of a forest road and then go over to the old mountain pasture path towards the mountain; this path is about 2.5 km long and takes us to Vika mountain pasture which is situated at an altitude of approximately 600 m above sea level.

Parking Facilities
Drive to the left on the first part of the road, 50 metres before you reach Åkra bridge. 
Drive 500 metres and turn left when you reach the letterbox rack with the sign towards Vika mountain pasture. The (lower) parking place is situated at the enclosure gate at the beginning of the forest road. This parking place is subject to charges.

There is an information board on the lower parking place.
There are no signposts along the forest road. T-signs from the upper parking place.
The forest road is suitable for wheelchair users.

From the lower parking place: Blue. Slightly challenging, two boots according to the DNT system (DNT is the Norwegian Tourism Association).

Altitude difference
Between 100 and 600 m above sea level from the lower parking place.

Time expenditure
4 hours for the round trip from the lower parking place.

Good advice
Don’t forget that you have to pay road toll. Close the enclosure gates behind you. Don’t forget sturdy shoes and suitable clothing.

Tour description
From the parking lot at the end of the forest road, a good and clearly marked path is leading through open terrain on approximately 2.5 km northward to Vika mountain pasture. This is an eventful tour for tall and small, for old and young, with a close relation to the marvellous cultured landscape around Åkra village and the surrounding wilderness and mountain areas. 


  • Contact to horses that are used to touring
  • A hiking guide who knows the area and has a vast knowledge
  • The nature at and around Åkra


  1. Åkra
  2. Vikastølen