Fjord Cruise Kyrping Camping - Eljervik Gard

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Experience wonderful Åkrafjord on a Fjord cruise with MS „Stein Viking“. This is how you get the best view towards the huge number of attractions offered by Åkrafjord. There could not be bigger contrasts between farms without road connections, naked rock walls and fertile cultured landscapes, discoveries from the Stone Age and small power stations. The highlight of this cruise is the view towards Langfoss waterfall. Langfoss has an impressive drop height of 612 metres; CNN Travel elected Langfoss as being one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. 

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We tailor Fjord cruises for groups in accordance with our clients’ wishes. Here we are flexible as regards times for boarding and deboarding. The group cruises will often be combined with service offered by one of our cooperation partners offering locally produced food. Furthermore, we can offer service on board. We will also gladly combine a Fjord cruise with an excursion, for example, to Skånevik, Just to name some of the possible destinations. There are many possibilities, and you just need to get in touch with us to talk about your wishes. Our local guides will give you a warm welcome and inform you about the history of the places you are going to visit; they are hosts we can be proud of.

MS „Stein Viking“ is approved for 48 persons. The prices vary according to the contents and the duration of every tour. Please, contact us for a non-binding offer, at any time.


FjordCruise Aakrafjord & Langfoss.
Departure from Kyrping Camping 
Local food served at Eljervik Farm. 


  1. Kyrping
  2. Åkrafjord
  3. Markhus
  4. Eljervik