„Skakke“ Package – Enjoy Food at the Camp Fire out in the Nature

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The highlight of this package includes food and nature. We take you on a marvellous trip through our nature; we will light a camp fire and prepare a three-course meal which you won’t forget anytime soon. If you wish to do so, you will be able to take part in the preparation of your meal.

Inquire Booking

It is up to our guests to determine where this hike will lead them. This package is flexible both regarding the menu and regarding the place. We can even establish a „popup“-restaurant for our guests. Our most popular three-course meal consists of the following:

Starter: “Skakke” salmon baked over the camp fire, with Brie cheese

Main course: gigot roasted over the camp fire, with accessories

Dessert: caramelized blueberry soup

Does that sound tempting? Please, contact us for a non-binding offer, at any time.


  • A culinary experience
  • An experience in the nature
  • Open camp fire


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