Tour along Åkrafjord

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This tour is especially suitable for bus groups. With this tour, you will buy a whole package with the old road, local food, a lecture and shopping opportunities.

Inquire Booking

This tour might start in Kyrping where one of our guides will visit you. Thereafter we will continue on the old European road and visit “Troll Ravine Bridge”. Then we will travel on to Langfoss waterfall where you will have the opportunity to take photos. Afterwards, Fjæra and the famous Rullestad gorge are on the programme. The selected menu will be served by one of our cooperation partners.

Last but not least, you will be given a lecture and tasters of locally produced salt meat which is famous all over Norway for its excellent quality. The company Johannes Lundal & Sons AS started in 1870 to manufacture products which still can be found in the shops. The lecture will give you an interesting insight into the history of that company. To finish your tour, you can visit Åkrafjordtun, which is the biggest sales point for locally produced food and beverages in Western Norway.


  • Old E134
  • Langfoss, 612 metres
  • Rullestad gorge
  • Lecture – company Johannes Lundal & Sons
  • Big sales point for locally produced food and beverages


  1. Kyrping
  2. Gamle Åkrafjordvegen
  3. Trolljuv bru
  4. Langfoss
  5. Fjæra
  6. Rullestadjuvet
  7. Johs. Lundal & sønner
  8. Åkrafjordtunet