Wilderness Package

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We will take you to the local camp out in the nature, and you will return to your everyday life with new energy. This package means that you will get acquainted with life out in the nature, that you will take part in different common activities, and that you will be served locally produced food, the roots of which date back to the year 1870.

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The camp out in the nature is beautifully situated on the mountain above Åsheim field at Skånevik. You can almost drive completely up. The parking lot is signposted. Afterwards, a short walk of approximately 200 metres up to the camp in pathless terrain is waiting for you.

Don’t forget to bring sturdy shoes. Please, contact us for a non-binding offer, at any time.


  • The activities
  • The view
  • The buildings
  • The culinary experiences


  1. Skånevik