20th - 21st of August: On a Hike with “Larseman”

We will take you to an extraordinary hike with sleepover in the Inner Etne Mountains, with the author Lars Erlingson Lundal who is truly familiar with this place. He will take us to “his realm“ and offer both extraordinary stories and marvellous nature experiences.

The parking place near the Markus farms (Markhusgardane) is the place where we meet at 10:00 a. m. Here we will meet our guide who is going to take us to the mountains. This tour is a challenge for all those who participate, and you should have a normal and good condition. Don’t forget sturdy shoes and suitable clothing, and take foodstuff, beverages and grill meat for the collective grill evening. Sleepover will be in your own tent or in a tourist cabin.

The price per person is NOK 250,- plus parking fees and eventual sleepover in the tourist cabin. Don’t forget to sign up in due time.


  • The mountain pastures
  • Lake Vaulo
  • Lars
  • Our guide’s knowledge and stories


  1. Markhusgardane
  2. Sandvasshytta