Amazing waterfall, fjord and wilderness

Guided minibus sightseeing from Haugesund to Åkrafjord and Skånevik, with Langfoss – voted one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls – as highlight attraction! Local lunch served at the amazing Skånevik wildernesscamp.

Booking capacity - minimum 10 pax . - max.  2 x minibuss á 16 pax

Program day excursion - lasting 6.5 hours:

  • Departure, Port of Haugesund. Meeting point outside the main gate.
  • Arrival, Langfoss. Photography, hiking, viewing fjord and mountains.
  • Departure, Langfoss (resting area). Guided tour along the old road to Skånevik.
  • Arrival, Skånevik wildernesscamp. Traditional lunch, accompanied by a breathtaking view from the top of Skånevik!
    Lunch served outside or inside the “Troll house”.
    Menu: Wild game meat stew, bread, butter, pastry and snacks.
    Beverages included: limonade, water, coffee, tea.
    Available activities: Archery and ax throwing.  
  • Departure, Skånevik wildernesscamp    
  • Arrival, Port of Haugesund


  • The activities
  • The view
  • The culinary experiences


  1. Haugesund
  2. Langfoss
  3. Skånevik wildernesscamp